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Wellbeing of youth in the digital age

Participants from 7 countries (Spain, Italy, Turkey, North Macedonia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic and Slovakia) took part in the youth exchange entitled Wellbeing of youth in the digital age. The youth exchange took place in Trnava from 11-17 October 2023. The aim of the project was to broaden the knowledge and horizons of young people, to open their minds, to learn new things and to experience intercultural exchange.An important element was not only intercultural learning, but also physical development (yoga, walks/tourism) as part of well-being. During the activity, participants were able to: – share their stories, experiences, ideas or problems, learn new methods of relaxation techniques, by meeting young people from completely different parts of the world, and understand that mental health and the problems associated with it are part of every young person’s life. The project was supported by Erasmus+ programme and the National agency of Slovakia NIVAM.

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